hi im weird

Doe tumblr even count as social media?

Watching glee right now
#rachael is the real diva of glee club #and all of mckinley

"last year" doesnt literally mean last year. It means last SCHOOL year. Can people just understand this?!?

Just girly things:
Feeling like your uterus is gonna explode from cramps

Rice is my god and animal crackers are my religion.

Gerard way is the queen of sass.

When i say dont talk to me it means dont talk to me not come in my room and open ya pie hole.

I will literally punch you in the throat



Ugh. ew. No.
Literally all three of my emotions at this point.

Wait: make that four:

Fuck you
Get off

Should i spend more time on twitter or tumblr?


I fell in love with a gay blogger

That would be a cool title for a song